Living Your Life Beyond The Lens

A common misconception is that self-care is only a time to pamper yourself with bubble baths and flowers. We then label it with the hashtag #selfcaresunday as if it is a stamp of approval. Taking care of self is more than spending finances on yourself as a treat or showing off for the gram.  What about those days you may find yourself fallen in deep depression or your self-esteem is at its lowest point? Will a foot soak and a coat of fresh polish make that dark feeling of brokenness go away? Unfortunately, not.  

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The current stresses of life can become extremely consuming. These days, social media can be the rope around your neck that can either make or break you. The constant comparison of one another’s lives leads us to think that there are no boundaries or limitations to the access we have to one another. We quickly become connected to one another without meeting. We look forward to birthdays, anniversaries, conception and birth. Rather than reaching over to a devotional first thing in the morning, we’re finding ourselves reaching for the phone to catch up on the latest in other people’s lives. Drowning in the sorrows of filters, hashtags, and likes, we can quickly forget about our own reflection and allow the image of others to completely consume us, so much so that our own well-being can begin to dwindle.

According to Wikipedia, self-care is “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.” Just like any other element in life, social media can become draining and time-consuming, so much so, that you may have the need to recharge and take care of self. You can easily find that you have become less of who you truly are and more connected with someone else’s life. It’s necessary to take a break and step away from the artificial world to reflect on your own.  



Take a step back from the consuming stresses of Instagram stories and Facebook timelines to realize your own worth. It’s common to unintentionally devour your time in stalking the lives of others with their permission. We compare lifestyles, outfits, and facial features, while not realizing our own worth. We lack the ability to realize our beauty and attributes being memorized by the filtered images created just for likes and artificial comments. Fall back in love with your own beauty and intelligence. Step away from the screen and take a long look into the mirror. Tell yourself what you see and focus on those qualities. Reestablish the relationship that you once had with yourself. Know that your worth cannot be compared to anyone else’s.


We are aware that social media is not what it seems. The angles are just right in every photo and only the positive aspects of people’s lives are revealed.  We gawk over the fabulous kitchens and fancy cars, but are left clueless as to how these things were obtained or what may really be going on behind the lens. Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s.  Their reality is not your reality. Their success is not your success. Continue on your personal path and create a life worth living within your own means.


Although your favorite Youtuber may seem like your best friend in your head, you must realize that there are people available to you outside of the confines of the social media world.  Take the time to use your phone for its initial purpose and make a phone call.  Spend time with friends and family outside of Face Time and really and truly connect with one another in the same space breathing the same air.



Recharge by stepping away from the norm. Give your thumbs a rest from scrolling and break the habit of looking for the latest updates in others’ lives. Live your life away from the lens. Create memories and form new smiles that can only be documented in the timeline in your head. There is happiness and a life worth living beyond the world of social media.  

In conclusion, self-care is about caring for your own well-being in all aspects. Taking care of your mental and emotional state is just as important as your physical. Sure, a spa day may feel like just what you need at the time, but it only lasts so long before your self-esteem is tested. LIVING is the best part of life and it cannot be done through the eyes of a screen. LIVE LIFE beyond the lens.


Erin Myers: Mother, Wife, Writer, Content Creator, CEO of Favored Freaux: a faith based brand created to provide spiritual encouragement for women and girls through blogging, inspirational merchandise, and holding community events. Instagram: @favoredfreauxs

Erin Myers

Erin Myers is a writer, content creator and founder and CEO of Favored Freauxs, LLC.  Erin resides in New Orleans, Louisiana by way of California.  She is a wife and mother of two daughters who inspired her to found Favored Freauxs.   

Favored Freauxs is a faith based brand that was created to provide spiritual encouragement for women and girls through blogging, inspirational merchandise, and holding community events that promote empowerment, encouragement, and self-love.  Her desire is to inspire others to overcome being their own obstacles and become the best versions of what God created them to be.

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