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Get Unplugged: How To Reconnect With Self

As we enter into a new month, and gradually flow into a new season we send you a gentle +  mindful reminder to 'Get Unplugged". It’s so important that in a world of instant gratification, constant over-indulgence, chaos, and noise, that we each take time for ourselves as needed to unplug and reconnect with self.

You can do so by enjoying a nice bath with Unplugged Essentials Soak, a terrific health-conscious and environmentally-friendly brand that infuses their soaks with broad-spectrum, water-soluble hemp powder rather than regular isolate, ensuring you take full advantage of all the beneficial bioactive substances found in the plant. The perfect addition to your wellness routine.

Founder Kevin Rose Jr. of Unplugged says... "Simply speaking, a majority of us are overworked, overstimulated, and overtrained, constantly looking to perform better in life, both mentally and physically. Symbiotically, to “unplug” for us is a reminder to look at not only our output but our input as well. Minimize distractions, recover mindfully, and thus evolve." 

Unplugging is the intentional choice to disconnect from...

  • society’s expectations

  • schedules and demands

  • over-commitment to tasks and people that aren't purposeful or fulfilling

  • overconsumption and materialism

  • the habit of competing, comparing, and criticizing

  • a life of “shoulds”

  • a traditional path that does not make you feel alive (traditional is okay IF that's your thang!).

  • relationships that don’t serve you

  • devices/apps that steal your time with meaninglessness

Take time to reconnect with...

  • life in its pure form, not through a lens

  • your family and friends whom you love

  • your culture, traditions, and stories

  • nature – listening to the birds, feeling the breeze across your cheek, animal watching, taking a dip in the natural waters of the world, hiking up a trail, etc.

  • your values and living by them

  • what you desire and love doing – (remember how you played when you were a child and what you loved to do? Reconnect to it!)

We cannot be collectively well if we are not individually well. Take time and recover mindfully. Read more about Unplugged Essentials use of CBD and essential oils in their products HERE.

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Essential Oils & Emotional Detox: How One Energetic Transit Brought Me Deeper Healing

Essential Oils & Emotional Detox: How One Energetic Transit Brought Me Deeper Healing

I always say my first son birthed a Mother, but my second son birthed an Advocate. A woman who wants fellow millennial mothers to thrive in their role as divine co-Creator, even if she’s come face to face with death in the process. I’ve been talking about birth trauma for two years now- supporting women in getting comfortable with acknowledging and giving voice to the undiscussed pain behind their birthing experiences